Welcome to the website for Biblically Correct Ministries, the media, teaching, speaking, and writing  ministry of pastor and talk show host Pester Brat, that involves numerous other target and sub ministries listed below. This is just a one page website to provide links to the other websites. The links will be enumerated below followed by a separate brief description below the links.

1. Fellowship of Concerned Christian Constitutional Patriots (FCCCP)   www.fcccp.yolasite.com

2. FCCP's Blog   www.fcccpblog.blogspot.com

3. Pester Brat Dot Com (includes The Pester Brat Report)   www.pesterbrat.com 

4. Biblical Unity Ministries          www.ChristianBUM.com

5. Biblically Correct                   www.biblicallycorrect.yolasite.com

6. Sheep Finders                      www.sheepfinders.yolasite.com

7. Levi-athan              www.levi-athan.yolasite.com

8. Deo Natura Ministries           www.deonatura.yolasite.com

9. Pester's Ponderings             www.pesterbrat.blogspot.com

10. Facebook Page                    www.facebook.com/pesterbrat  


1. The website for the Fellowship of Concerned Christian Constitutional Patriots founded by Pester Brat.

2. The Blog for the Fellowship. No membership required except post articles.

3. The website for the talk show "The Pester Brat Report" (formerly "The Pester Brat Show").

4. The website for the Bible Teaching and Biblical Unity Ministry (Biblical Unity Ministries) that includes promoting biblical unity without compromising the gospel, sound teaching and God's word. This also includes the Bylaws and Statement of Faith for all ministries for Biblically Correct Ministries.

5. The website of the former talk show Biblically Correct. It contains numerous audio and video clips of the show, and other interesting tidbits of information.

6. The website for Sheep Finders that focuses on outreach to Christ's lost sheep and includes using those scriptures that use the term "sheep."

7. The website for Levi-athan that focuses on outreach to the Jewish people and includes numerous scriptures from the Old Testament.

8. Deo Natura Ministries is a personal website of Pester Brat that provides information about nutrition and natural alternatives from a laymans perspective.

9. Pester Brat's Blog that he's had since 2005 that is mostly but not fully theological in nature.

10. The personal and informational facebook page for Pester Brat.